Visiting Qujing, Yunnan

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This weekend I had the opportunity to visit Yunnan’s second largest city, Qujing. Situated just an hour train ride east of Kunming, the city has some amazing scenery surrounding it. To the western side of the city there’s this giant pagoda that watches over the entire skyline a top one of the mountains that overlooks the urban area. The locals are very friendly. Foreigners are rare in this part of Yunnan so sometimes you will be stared at out of curiosity. I’ve always found that smiling and greeting them with a cheerful “Ni hao” gets them to always smile and respond back likewise. The local cuisine here was also surprisingly good, especially if you can appreciate spicy food. Their barbecued pig brains were absolutely fantastic! Overall this was quite a cool city to visit.

These were those pig brains I was talking about 😀

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