Nature Walk in Yuxi, Yunnan

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Today we took a little nature walk outside Yuxi City with the new teacher Mitch. Labeled as one of China’s “green” cities, it’s a great city to live in if you want to be around a lot of nature. All it takes is a 10 yuan taxi and you are out in the beautiful Chinese countryside.

On the observation deck overlooking Yuxi

The reservior

The caterpillars were everywhere!

Beautiful flowers can be found everywhere in Yuxi

A really cool beetle I found whilst hiking through the forest

A random cemetery on this hill we happened upon during our hike

Cool looking moth

Another gorgeous Yuxi sunset

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Spending a significant part of his childhood in Turkey and raised in the US, Austin is a perpetual traveler. He currently lives in southeastern China where he splits his time between teaching kids English and exploring the last unexplored corners of that part of Asia.

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