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Spending a significant part of his childhood in Turkey and raised in the US, Austin is a perpetual traveler. He currently lives in southeastern China where he splits his time between teaching kids English and exploring the last unexplored corners of that part of Asia.

Visiting Qujing, Yunnan

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This weekend I had the opportunity to visit Yunnan’s second largest city, Qujing. Situated just an hour train ride east of Kunming, the city has some amazing scenery surrounding it. To the western side of the city there’s this giant pagoda that watches over the entire skyline a top one of the mountains that overlooks the urban area. The locals …

Children’s Day – Yuxi, Yunnan

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Once a year at my¬†school, we always try to set a side a fun date for the children. Sometimes this means a Christmas party or a Halloween Party. This year however, we decided to do something in the summer time. We rented some space at the local athletic center in the city center and invited all 700 of our students …