Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Citizen of a native English-speaking country (Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, & US)
  2. Bachelors degree (or higher)
  3. 120+ hour TEFL certificate
All our partner schools provide the Z-VISA for their teachers. That is the legal entry VISA for the purpose of working. We do not work with schools that don’t offer this.
Definitely no! Rest assured that we don’t expect anyone to know any Chinese. Pretty much whatever situation you find yourself in China, you can be sure that most signs will have English and someone around you will have some English proficiency and could help you out.

That being said, it is very helpful (and totally doable) to pick up at least some survival Chinese so that you can take a taxi, use the subway, order something good to eat, and after that delicious meal you’ve ordered: find the nearest bathroom!

Yes, relatively so. Especially when compared to large cities in the US, for example, one feels very safe walking around even at night.