Thailand TEFL Certificate
+ Teaching Position

Start your TEFL career journey
in the paradise of Thailand!

Thailand TEFL Certificate
+ Teaching Position

Start your TEFL career journey
in the paradise of Thailand!

Thailand TEFL Certificate
+ Teaching Position

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Starting with 3 weeks TEFL training in a paradise location, followed by a guaranteed paid teaching job which could be anywhere in Thailand. It’s not hard to imagine why this program is so popular – Thailand has a low cost of living, good salaries for teachers, great tasting food, friendly people, stunning beaches and hot weather. Plus we go out of our way to make sure you have a great experience.

The Thailand TEFL Certificate course is an intensive, in-person 120-hour ESL/EFL teacher training course which provides participants with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the English language classroom. The TEFL Certificate you will receive is accredited and recognized worldwide.

What do past participants say about the program?
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Course Dates

Next program start date: October 5

    • Program Start Date
    • October 5, 2017
    • April 19, 2017
    • October 4, 2018
    • Deadline to Apply
    • September 5, 2017
    • March 19, 2018
    • September 4, 2018
Thailand School Terms

Term 1 – Mid May until the end of September
Term 2 – Late October/ Start of November until end of February/ Mid March/ End of March

Learn more about the Application Process and how to get started!

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To be eligible for this program, you need to:

  • Hold a bachelors degree in any subject (not teaching, ANY subject) and
  • Be native English speaking, or from a native English speaking country

We have strong links with schools and organizations in Thailand and are able to offer everyone who comes on the program a guaranteed paid teaching job.

“Deciding to complete my course in Thailand instead of an online course in England was the best decision I ever made. The staff were friendly and helpful and the Thai culture really helped us all settle in to the lifestyle. The most I took away with me from this experience was amount of true friends I made.”

– Thailand TEFL alumna, Emily Lowe

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* $650 will be paid to Great Wall TEFL to secure your spot in the course. The remainder of the tuition will be paid directly to the school.

What’s included:

  • 120 Hour TEFL certificate and TEFL training in a paradise location
  • A teaching job in Thailand with one of our partner schools for at least 1 school term (approx. 4.5 months)
  • Complimentary Resort Accommodation
  • Full assistance and guidance in preparation for arriving in Thailand
  • Assistance and guidance in gaining a VISA

What’s not included:

  • Food for 7-10 weeks
  • Travel/medical insurance
  • VISAs
  • Criminal record check
  • Thai bank account
  • Flights
  • Accommodation deposit

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Why Great Wall TEFL

Great Wall TEFL partners with our friends at TEFL Heaven to provide the highest quality TEFL courses available.  With these courses, we know you will be a confident and prepared teacher when you decide to move abroad.

By registering for this course through Great Wall TEFL, you will receive all the benefits of being an alumni of both Great Wall TEFL and TEFL Heaven.

As an alumnus of the Thailand TEFL certification course, you will receive:

  • A highly accredited 120-hour TEFL certification upon completion of the course
  • Lifetime job placement assistance for jobs throughout Asia
  • Community of other TEFL Heaven graduates who are teaching all over the world
  • Community of other Great Wall TEFL teachers to reach out to for tips and advice abroad
  • Personal pre-departure orientation and cultural training
  • Hands-on support before you travel to Thailand
  • In-country support from school staff once you arrive
  • Check out reviews of the course to learn more about our commitment to our TEFL students’ experience
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Paradise Locations

One of the major benefits of our Thailand TEFL training program is that you get to learn how to teach English (TEFL) in a paradise location.

The first of our TEFL training locations that we open is Koh Chang. We may or may not open another location, it is based upon demand for our courses. If we feel we have enough time to recruit a good number of people for the next course, then we will open another program in another location. All the locations are unbelievably beautiful and you will have no lesser of an experience from one location to another. See below for descriptions on each possible paradise location…

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What to Expect

Stage 1 Preparations

For preparations, TEFL Heaven is the one to assist you. We will be checking that you are completing your checklists in sufficient time, and answering any questions pre-arrival. We are also here if you have any questions post arrival or during the training, or after the training in your teaching placement.

Generally though, when you are in your teaching placement, it makes sense for most questions to be directed at your employer, which would be a teaching agency or school. Also, it’s not needed to know everything beforehand, as things become a lot more clear as you go through the experience.

Preparations though, are important – it’s important you read through this website and watch all the videos, to make sure you understand how things work. It’s also important to have all your documents in order.

Some people are placed in a school before they leave their home country – for those people, we will be working with agencies and schools to try and get the correct documents for the Non immigrant B visa. Most people however, are not placed beforehand so will only be dealing with the TEFL Heaven Team before they arrive in Thailand, and not a teaching agency.

Stage 2 Arrival

We can meet you at the airport, if you so desire. There is an extra charge of 40 GBP for us to meet you at the airport then take you to your booked accommodation. Many trainees organise hostel stays with other people on the course through our Facebook groups, and so don’t opt for the airport meeting and travel with other arrivals to the recommended hostels – but we are happy to meet anyone who doesn’t do this!

Welcome Day Social Event

At the start of every program is a Welcome Day Social Event for all trainees from all paradise locations. It gives you a chance to:

  1. Meet all the TEFL Heaven staff from all locations and the Bangkok office.
  2. Meet all trainees from all course locations.
  3. Bond with your TEFL group.
  4. Have fun!

The format is normally competition based, where you can earn TEFL Heaven dollars for completing tasks (you can’t buy anything with these dollars however, it’s all just for fun!).  We have also had Muay Thai instructors, Thai cooking instructors, Thai Fruit games and Thai Language challenges in the past events.

Stage 3 TEFL Training

The TEFL training stage is performed by B.A.S.E. English Teachers, which is owned by TEFL Heaven.

In this stage your main point of contact will be your main and assistant TEFL trainers. Most trainees feel an affinity with their trainers very quickly. The trainers are approachable and experienced in living and teaching in Thailand. They most likely will have come through TEFL Heaven themselves at some point and are able to empathize with how you feel at each stage.

The TEFL training is a special stage – it’s where east meets west – it’s where you get used to the country and culture – it’s where you make solid friendships – it’s when you learn to be a teacher – and most likely, it’s going to be a very memorable experience.

You will be in a beautiful setting surrounded by farangs – this is not what your whole experience will be. It’s important to remember during this stage, that this is not what you came to Thailand for.  This is only the beginning!

Stage 4 Teaching Job

So you came to Thailand to teach English, right?

When you leave the TEFL training, you will be teaching English and getting paid! This will be a different feel from what you have done in Thailand up to this point – there will be less of a holiday feel – so you need to prepare mentally for that! There is actually a big mental jump from island life to full blown TEFL teacher.

The next section, Teaching Job, will guide you through the details…

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Teaching Job

Your teaching agency and school will be introduced to you via email. We work with many agencies and schools, and schools can be in many different parts of Thailand. If you are not happy with your school, you need to let us know and we can see if there is anything we can do about it. However, there needs to be a good reason for you wanting to change schools (for example, you wanted to be more rural) and we can’t accept that you want to be near the friends you just met on the course.

Commonly emotions are high at the start of this stage of the program, and for many different reasons! Homesickness sets in a bit with some, new friends made on the course are not around as much, money is running low for some, it’s very hot, you still haven’t been placed in a school yet, or you don’t have enough information on your school, you’re feeling a bit sick because of the food, your worried about your visa, etc, etc.

You also are about to go into a job, so there is more responsibility on you to perform well.

To be honest, for most people, they are mentally prepared for this stage, but for some they might feel like they are leaving TEFL Heaven’s bubble and moving into something very different than what they have just experienced – something not as good.

The reality is that it is very different and it will take a lot of patience and understanding in this stage, but it’s still good! You will be moving away from being served (by us in training) to preparing to serve others as a teacher of English. You paid for the TEFL training – you are our customer – and so of course expected a good standard of service from us, and you will have got it – now you might need to change your mindset – you are the one being paid now!

You need to set a good example to the teaching agency or school, because you are now their employee. At this stage culture shock kicks in for many and they want everything organised, early, and they want to know about it. In essence, they want it to be like their home country in terms of organisation.

One massive part of Thai culture is that businesses are not as organised and as good at communication than western businesses. This grinds on many trainees and can cause some real problems, but this doesn’t have to affect you so much if you adopt the attitude that everything will work out.

And it always does.

Once you are a month into the teaching job, things get a lot easier, because you feel like you know what you are doing a lot more and are used to Thailand more.

Teaching is a steep learning curve, but once you are a bit more experienced, it becomes much, much easier. So have faith that things will get better! Even the most experienced teachers can have difficult lessons!

And we hope, that on top of your TEFL training experience, one of the other most treasured parts of your time will be your relationship with your Thai students!

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The Costa Rica TESOL training school the best place to study because it is owned and operated by real English teachers, who know firsthand what it’s like to be in your position. They are all English teachers who have experienced the amazing things that ESL teaching provides, as well as the negative aspects. The staff understands your excitement and enthusiasm, as well as your worries, fears and doubts, and will go the extra mile to address them all.
You should take this course if you:

  • prefer learning in a physical classroom (instead of online)
  • want to teach English in Latin America
  • are still in school, but want to teach English when you graduate. Get qualified now!
  • are interested in being immersed in a different culture while earning your certification
  • want to learn or practice your Spanish while getting certified
  • are seeking the best accreditation from an independent accrediting body
  • are a novice teacher: The course offers solid, practical, teaching techniques to ensure you enter the classroom with confidence
  • want to teach English in Costa Rica or other Latin American countries
  • decide on quality rather than price alone because you realize that you are investing in your education and your future
  • understand that a highly qualified, experienced instructor, an exceptional curriculum and excellent accreditation are absolute necessities in TESOL / TEFL Certification training
Students must be 18 years or older, fluent in English, and have a high school diploma.
Your teachers are guaranteed to have several years of teaching experience under their belt. Not only are they well-versed in the art of English instruction, but also the nuances of teaching in the foreign environments of Asia. Needless to say, the instructors are the course’s greatest assets!
During the course, staff will assist you with the creation of an ESL resume and cover letter, and provide you with detailed information regarding what you can expect when applying for jobs around the World. You will also be provided with a detailed Costa Rica ESL School Chart that includes contact info, hiring seasons and the inside scope on what are the best ones to apply to. For those looking for jobs elsewhere around the world, we’ll put you in contact with graduates currently teaching around the world.
The three best courses for job hiring seasons are the January, May and November courses, but positions can be found year round.
We do not guarantee job placement after your course, but 90% of the course graduates find work in Costa Rica. We can guarantee that staff will make the extra effort to find you the job you want. Most TESOL schools have a list of phone numbers and emails, which they print off for their grads and say, “Here you go. Good luck.” Our school has strong relationships with many schools throughout Costa Rica, and we will find out which of them are hiring, and put you in contact with them. Plus, the TESOL training center has its own ESL school, with 3 locations that hire teachers. Course graduates get priority for these placements.

Luckily for our students, the training center is located within 20kms of 90% of the English schools in Costa Rica. Making contacts, scouting out schools, getting established before you graduate, meeting teachers, and seeing early where you’d like to live and work WHILE taking your TEFL course gives you a leg up on landing a job after you graduate. Use our central location to your advantage!

The Costa Rica TESOL Course was founded by ESL teacher’s that have over 20 years of experience teaching English in Costa Rica. Your trainers have contacts in the major ESL schools around Costa Rica, universities, and even access to some public schools (although it is tricky getting a job with the government).

We understand that many people don’t feel comfortable moving to Costa Rica without a guaranteed job. If you’d like a job arranged and guaranteed in advance, along with some additional structure and support, check out our new Teach in Costa Rica program!

  • Pre-Course Grammar Module
  • Basic Principles of Teaching
  • Grammar
  • Resources
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Classroom Management
  • Lesson Planning
  • Error Correction
  • Visual Aids
Costa Rica is one of the most developed countries in Latin America, and that is due to the large amount of foreign companies moving there to provide their services, like Intel, IBM, Western Union, HP, Oracle, just to name a few. This has made mastering the English language necessary, opening the doors to countless ESL schools. This is all excellent news for English teachers wanting to move to Costa Rica and teach English.
Heredia and the community where the school is located are extremely safe, and there are always families and people of all ages strolling about well after dark.
If you choose to work in San Jose once your course is finished, you do have to be more careful. Parts of downtown and San Pedro have more tourists and more crime, so precautions are necessary. It is a capital city and like all capitals, there is a higher crime rate. However, it’s not as bad as other big cities in the US or Europe.
Monthly salaries range from $400-$750 USD per month. This is considered a “break even” ESL teaching destination. With enough hours, you should be able to support yourself while living in Costa Rica, but you should not plan to save extra money. In fact, it is recommended that you bring some extra money to help support you while you are living in Costa Rica. The peak hiring season is December/January and the end of June to mid-July.

Teaching hours are typically 15-25 hours per week, and contracts are usually 6 months to 1 year. Teachers work on a tourist visa that needs to be renewed every 90 days.
Heredia and the community where the school is located are extremely safe, and there are always families and people of all ages strolling about well after dark. I feel much safer walking around at night here than I have in any of the cities where I’ve taught.
If you choose to work in San Jose you do have to be more careful. Parts of downtown and San Pedro have more tourists and more crime, so precautions are necessary. It is a capital city and like all capitals, there is a higher crime rate. However, again it’s not as bad as other big cities in the US or Europe.

Everyone learns at their own pace, but taking your course in Costa Rica is a great way to learn or perfect your Spanish! The training center is part of a local community, which means you’ll get to know lots of “ticos” and have a lot of opportunities to practice the language. We highly recommend staying with a host family if you are interested in practicing your Spanish!
Because a large portion of the population uses public transportation, the CR bus system is much more efficient than those found in the US and Canada. Buses run frequently, usually passing every 5 or 10 minutes, so unlike in Canada, missing a bus does not mean waiting 35/ 40 minutes for the next one. A trip from our school to downtown Heredia takes about 10 minutes and costs 35cents. Taxis are also a cheap convenient way to travel especially at night. We also provide phone numbers of taxi drivers who work directly with the school, are very friendly, and can be trusted to give teachers excellent service. Prearranged pick ups can also be set up through the school. We also provide the service of borrowing a bicycle free from the school for your time here, if you prefer that way of getting around.
Committing to a TEFL certification program is an exciting time, and we are here every step of the way to make the online application process as simple as possible. Click here to learn more about the 5 steps you’ll need to take to be accepted on a Greenheart Travel program.
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Application Process

Committing to a TEFL certification program is an exciting time, and we are here every step of the way to make the application process as simple as possible. Below are the 5 steps you’ll need to take to be accepted on the Great Wall TEFL Thailand TEFL program.

Step 1:

Click the “Apply Now” button. Once the application form is complete, you will be connected to a TEFL program manager.

Step 2:

Once you complete and submit the initial form, you will receive an email with a link to schedule your interview with us.

Step 3:

Upon successful Skype interview with us, we’ll send you a link to pay you program deposit fee.

You’re Registered, Now What?

Your program manager will be in touch with you directly about what else you’ll need to do to prepare for your course.

You will receive an email directly from the school as well to help you set up your accommodations and arrival. You should also expect to receive an orientation packet via email, which talks more about your program, as well as supplemental information about dealing with culture shock and our insurance program. We will also schedule a pre-departure orientation to answer any lingering questions you may have.